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Summer nights


Pictures from the Danish summer nights. Many of these photographs appear in the book Sommersyner/Summer visions (Gyldendal 2016).



Summer nights-01.jpg

Summer nights-02.jpg

Summer nights-03.jpg

Summer nights-04.jpg

Summer nights-05.jpg

Summer nights-06.jpg

Summer nights-07.jpg

Summer nights-08.jpg

Summer nights-09.jpg

Summer nights-10.jpg

Summer nights-11.jpg

Summer nights-12.jpg

Summer nights-13.jpg

Summer nights-14.jpg

Summer nights-15.jpg

Summer nights-16.jpg

Summer nights-17.jpg

Summer nights-18.jpg

Summer nights-19.jpg

Summer nights-20.jpg

Summer nights-21.jpg

Summer nights-22.jpg

Summer nights-23.jpg

Summer nights-24.jpg

Summer nights-25.jpg

Summer nights-26.jpg

Summer nights-27.jpg

Summer nights-28.jpg

Summer nights-29.jpg

Summer nights-30.jpg

Summer nights-31.jpg

Summer nights-32.jpg

Summer nights-33.jpg

Summer nights-34.jpg

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