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Pink and more / Pink med mere

This is a series of photo collages/transformations made by fusing numerous layers trough a rasterizasion process i Photoshop. The process allows the pictures to be printet in large formats from 60 x 90 cm to 160 x 240 cm. Made during 2016-2018—title inspired by the Pink Pussy Hat Movement.


En serie af fotocollager/transformationer lavet ved at sammesmelte mange billedlag gennem en linjeraster-process i Photoshop. Processen gør, at billederne kan printes i store formater fra 60 x 90 cm til 160 x 240 cm. Udført i 2016-2018 – titlen er inspireret af Pink Pussy Hat bevægelsen.



© Jens H. Petersen, 2017-2018