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Other photographers:

First, there is no way around the the shells and peppers of Edward Weston

and Sally Mann who has invested her (family) life in photography and gave me the wish to renew my own investment (check also

I saw the John Divola series »Zuma Beach« in the journal »Camera« in the seventies and ran out to buy a flash. I did no dare to revisit his pictures before 2008.

Other great photographers are

Richard Misrach (landscapes)

Nils Udo (amazing land-art photographs/projects)

Karen Glaser (including fantastic underwater photographs)

Olaf Otto Becker (Above Zero)

Lucas Foglia (people living off the grid)

Kelli Connell (strange twins)

Some gallery's/institutions:

Aperture foundation
Museum of Modern Art

Photo monde (web gallery with many Danish artists including JHP)
Fotografisk center
Banja Rathnov
Peter Lav Gallery
Galleri Image


Other important inspirations

American composer Paole Prestinis website